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Shipping – Casestudi


I. General Information

1. Residential address / company address is requested for delivery. PO box is not accepted by the couriers.

2. Contact number / mobile number is requested for delivery.

II. Delivery

1. Shipped either from our Hong Kong or China warehouse by Hongkong Post or SF Express. Only Foldboard, Foldboard Touch and Foldboard Stand (with built-in lithium-ion battery) will be shipped by DHL* (USD25).

2. Estimated arrival times: usually 5-10 working days.

3. We reserve the right to use discretion in circumstances where it makes more sense to use an alternative delivery method.

* Foldboard, Foldboard Touch and Foldboard Stand will be shipped by Hong Kong Post / SF Express in Hong Kong. 

III. Shipping Rate

Japan USD 10
Hong Kong USD 5
Asia-Pacific USD 5
North America and Europe USD 6


IV. Shipping Rate of Foldboard, Foldboard Touch, Foldboard Stand

 All Regions USD 25